Victoria’s Secret has just released its What Is Sexy list, and thank God, because where would we be without it?

Just one problem. It's not exactly representative, or realistic in any way:

Among the winners are:

  • Sexiest actress: Mandy Moore
  • Sexiest entertainer: Taylor Swift
  • Sexiest songstress: Lady Gaga  
  • Sexiest mogul: Lauren Conrad
  • Sexiest Breakout Star: Riley Keough
  • Sexiest DJ: Alexandra Richards
  • Sexiest Smile: Victoria Justice
  • Forever Sexy: Margot Robbie 

Mary Anderson, a fashion writer for Revelist, summed it up best:

Nicolette Mason, Jessamyn Stanley, Tess Holliday, Nikkie Tutorials, Raye Boyce, Nadia freakin' Aboulhosn... There's a whole social media universe full of women who represent the full spectrum of what it means to be sexy. Victoria's Secret chose to ignore that.

Sadly, 2014 wasn’t much different either.

H/T Mashable

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