This video of 139-year-old house being moved on the back of a truck is surprisingly stressful
REUTERS/Brittany Hosea-Small

A video of a 139-year-old Victorian house being moved to a new address has left people feeling equally stressed and in awe.

The Englander House, a historic building in the heart of San Francisco, was moved from its original location to a new resting place on the back of a truck at one mile per hour.

The house was at risk of being knocked down and so its owners decided it was best to make the perilous journey six blocks down the road.

Admiring spectators gathered in the early morning to watch the building loaded onto dollies before being carefully transported.

The quarter of a mile journey had been in the planning stages for years, with a number of precautions taken beforehand, reported The San Francisco Chronicle.

Overhanging trees were trimmed, traffic signs relocated and overhead wires were taken down temporarily.

Owner Tim Brown was said to have paid $400,000 in moving costs and fees, a feat that was not easily achieved.

Phil Joy, a veteran house mover who oversaw the move, told the publication: “We had to get 15 different city agencies to agree to this.”

He added it proved tricky due to the home being 80 foot in length, and the first part of its journey being entirely downhill.

The Englander will be combined into a 17-unit building in its new location, while its old site will be turned into a flat complex.

You can watch the buildings entire journey in the video below.

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