Julia Hartley-Brewer’s grievance about the BBC licence fee has spawned a new type of meme where people complain about not seeing the full benefits of things that they pay for.

In a tweet, the famously contrary and conservative commentator suggested that, because she only uses some services that the BBC offers, it makes the licence fee poor value for money.

She posted an image of the logos of all the broadcaster’s services, with the ones she doesn’t use crossed out.

Alongside the image, she wrote: “I pay the BBC licence fee and these are the only services I ever use. Good value for money...?”

Her annoyance was quickly seized upon as people mocked her by making equivalent comparisons to other services like roadways and the NHS.

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Actor and comedian Chris Addison, tweeted: “I pay road tax. I use the following roads: M25, M40, M6, A21, Shortlands Rd, Westmoreland Rd, The bit that joins Shortlands Road and Westmoreland Road. Good value for money?”

Someone else said: “I pay for the NHS yet I don’t have most of these diseases. Value for money? 🤷”

Another person joked: “I pay £30 a month for life insurance that pays out in the event of my death but I’m still not dead. Good value for money?”

And the memes just kept on coming, roping in everything from Friends and Netflix, to gyms. Even Quality Street chocolates got a mention.

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