This viral video might put you off hotel buffet eggs for life

<p>The finished product...</p>

The finished product...

Photo courtesy of @trecyrey7/TikTok

Have you ever stacked your plate with eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, and other food items from a complimentary breakfast at an all-inclusive hotel?

Well, you might just regret it after finding out how the eggs are made.

video on TikTok published by Trecy, who goes by @treyrey7 on the platform, shows the step-by-step journey of the egg preparation before it hits the metal pans that we scoop from.

First, you take an enormous pack of pre-mixed eggs. Then, you put the pre-mixed eggs onto a pan and heat them up again, breaking them apart to give it that “scrambled” look with the surrounding eggy liquid that looks like murky water.

Pre-mixed eggs in a packPhoto courtesy of @trecyrey7/TikTok

Eggy water Photo courtesy of @trecyrey7/TikTok

Eggs getting ready to be broken apartPhoto courtesy of @trecyrey7/TikTok

Ready to eat eggsPhoto courtesy of @trecyrey7/TikTok

It’s truly a simple process, but we’d be kidding ourselves if we think this looks good to chow down on at first glance.

“This is so nasty,” Trecy’s text on the screen read. “Who’s still eating fake scrambled eggs at a hotel after this?” she continued.

The clip, which has been viewed 20.5 million times and has 18,900 comments shows how people have a similar sentiment to Trecy.

“They always look so questionable,” wrote a commenter.

“Omg, did you know how many times I wake up for hotel breakfast?” wrote another.

“I’m gonna show this to my mom, who always forced me to wake up at 6 am for the hotel breakfast,” wrote a third.

Another hotel worker wrote that they could “confirm” that not all hotel companies make pre-mixed foods and that their hotel “makes everything fresh.”

Others in the comments are still not deterred from indulging in the eggs, saying, “They’re still good af” and because it was “included in the price” of the hotel stay, it would still be on their plates.

And with that, hotel breakfast may never be the same.

Watch the full video here.

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