Viral TikTok video claims to show ‘ghost’ at Disneyland

Viral TikTok video claims to show ‘ghost’ at Disneyland

A classic YouTube video that claims there was a “ghost” watching the fireworks at Disneyland has gone viral again on TikTok.

TikToker @mycinema135 reposted the footage and said: “If you scare easily, keep scrolling.

“But if you’re still here, I want to show you something creepy.

“Disney guests saw a ghost during the fireworks show. Did you miss it?

“I’m going to show you one more time. Deep behind the castle wall, they noticed this figure. What do you think?”

You can watch the video in full here.

The footage was originally filmed over 11 years ago in 2009, and uploaded to YouTube by the channel “danloganify” titled: “Ghost watches fireworks from the Disneyland castle.”

It received nearly 250,000 views on the platform.

The TikTok - resharing the video over a decade later - has been viewed over 16,000 times.

An outline of a mysterious figure can be seen outside Disney’s Sleep Beauty Castle.

It appears the “ghost” is standing on top of the castle and it’s left viewers guessing who it could possibly be.

Some believed the figure it too big to possibly be a human.

“If that’s a real ghost... it must be enormous,” someone wrote.

Another added: “I got told this was a staff member wanting to get a good view so he wore camo but my question is why is he so f****** tall?”

While a few made their predictions as to who the “ghost” could be.

One person on TikTok commented: “Maybe, it’s Walt’s,” while another viewer on YouTube agreed: ““If this were a real ghost, I hope it’s Walt’s.”

Though others were able to provide a more logical explanation for the figure.

“It’s a cast member standing there with a costume on its been told they wear it for protection,” someone wrote.

It looks like the “ghost” is simply a Disney worker as many people have commented that staff members wear smoke-coloured clothes for “camouflage”YouTube/danloganify

Another person added: “Yeah, sorry I know it feels awesome to think you caught a real ghost but As others said, it’s a conductor with a suit meant to blend with the night sky, but the firework lighting made it visible.

“I’ll have to jump on the ‘it’s a worker’ train, it’s the most reasonable explanation,” a third person commented.

In conclusion, it appears that the “ghost” is actually an employee which would make sense as they were probably on top of the castle in order to let off the fireworks display.

But it is always fun to look into ghost theories!

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