A hilarious, expletive-ridden voice message recording has surprised a customer who was innocently calling his local cinema.

In a video posted on Reddit’s r/Unexpected forum, user u/jackblackandkyle posted a hilarious video captioned “Called the local cinema and this happened” where he recorded an answerphone message he had heard.

An employee of the movie theatre Movie Max in Timaru, New Zealand had clearly been in charge of leaving a message for prospective customers while the cinema was closed due to lockdown.

However, whoever recorded the message clearly hadn’t listened to it as it was littered with expletives as they restarted the message multiple times.

In the clip, the employee can be heard saying: “Hello and thank you for calling Movie Max Digital cinemas, Timaru. We are currently closed until… ahh f**k you.”

The person then began repeating the message again from the beginning, but with another failed attempt they exclaimed, “ahh for f**k’s sake”.

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They then restarted the message for the third time but again went wrong, berating themselves saying: “Ah, f**k me”.

In the clip, user u/jackblackandkyle, who filmed and posted it to the social media site, can be heard laughing at the mishaps.

The employee’s fourth and final attempt at the message was successful, but they had clearly forgotten that the machine had captured all of them.

One user, apparently from New Zealand, commented: “Haha I love this. That’s how we all record voice messages.”

Another user called the cinema and said that the message had since been altered: “I just called. They have changed the message, same guy though.”

Someone else was glad to hear the guy still had his job.

indy100 has contacted Movie Max Digital for comment.

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