‘Walmart needs to hire me’: Shopper answers phone at Walmart, helps customer

‘Walmart needs to hire me’: Shopper answers phone at Walmart, helps customer
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There is perhaps nothing more annoying than hearing a phone ring continuously.

So when one Walmart customer heard a phone ringing for 10 minutes, he decided to spring into action and take care of it themselves.

TikToker Irvin Arias, posted a video of himself picking up a phone while shopping at a Walmart hoping to help a customer who kept calling the store for help.

"This phone has been going off for like 10 minutes," Irvin said in his video.

Approaching the phone, Irvin answered it and said, "thank you for calling Walmart, how can I help you?"

The customer on the end said they had ordered groceries but there were a few things missing from their delivery.

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"Oh ok, let me see if I can get someone to help you out, one second," Irvin said before looking for a transfer line.

After finding the line for 'grocery pickup' Irvin tried to transfer the customer then hung up.

"Walmart, hire me b****," Irvin said laughing.

The video went viral on TikTok with over 11 million views and two million likes.


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Viewers found Irvin's video hysterical and thought his on-the-spot thinking was impressive.

"Bro doesn't even have training and still managed to help them out," one commenter wrote.

"When the customer has better services than the customer service," another commenter said.

"Bro playing Walmart simulator," a person joked.

"Bro learned how to use the Walmart phones on the spot," someone else commented.

Some people questioned whether or not Irvin managed to successfully transfer the customer, as he ultimately hung up in the end.

Other people were just excited to see the TikToker help out the customer, especially because the customer was calling the garden center at Walmart rather than customer service.

Unclear if the person on the other end of the line managed to get help but Irvin certainly tried to do his part.

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