Walmart employee knocks out customer with one punch after being spat on

Walmart employee knocks out customer with one punch after being spat on
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A video of a Walmart security worker shows him knocking out an abusive shopper with one punch.

The video in question, which has over 317,000 views, was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop and showed a shopper dressed in black shorts, black sneakers, an orange sweatshirt, and a black baseball cap.

He appeared to box in the worker by ramming a shopping cart into a display of stars and stripes, and the American flag.

The security worker was trying to stop the man from continuing, and after a few strikes against the display, the worker was able to get out of the way.

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Seconds later, the shopper leans forward over the metal bar of his cart and appears to spit at the security worker.

In an instant, the worker saw red.

A fellow colleague in a yellow vest tried to hold him back, but he got free and charged at the shopper.

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The shopper has his back turned away and is pulling the cart in reverse.

Then you see the employee come from behind the shopper’s cart and disappear from the frame for a moment.

You hear a woman in the background saying, “ Don’t do it!” as the worker runs over and punches the shopper in the back of the head.

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The man pauses for a second and then falls, sprawling his legs and arms out, appearing to be unconscious.

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You hear another voice in the background from a man saying, “Oh, damn boy,” as people stood around and stared at the shocking scene.

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A Walmart spokesman confirmed to indy100 that the altercation occurred on Tuesday in Englewood, Colorado.

“The man who punched the customer was a contracted, third-party security worker and not a Walmart associate. He has since been banned from working at Walmart stores,” said spokesman Casey Staheli.

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