Warning issued about major scam that uses your relatives’ voices

Warning issued about major scam that uses your relatives’ voices
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A TikTok user has cautioned viewers about a horrifying new scam to watch out for, which involves the use of relatives’ voices.

The clip from user @citylivingsoutherngirl, which has been viewed more than two million times, comes with a stark warning after falling foul of the scheme.

Explaining how she ended up sending money to scammers, she says in the clip: “New scam alert. I usually don’t fall for scams but they got me. Listen to this.”

She then explained how she heard her mother’s voice "fading away like someone had taken the phone", before a man demanded money in order to save her mother.

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“Now mind you my mom works in home health so her job is to go to patients’ homes and do self-assessments,” she went on to say. “So in my head I’m like ‘it’s happened, a patient has taken her hostage and this is for real.'”

She then revealed that she was so worried that she texted her dad while still on the call and asked him to call 911.

The caller then demanded to be sent $1,000 over CashApp or Venmo, and @citylivingsoutherngirl said she could only send over $100.

The fraudster then immediately hung up as soon as the money was sent. The TikTok user then called her mom, who answered the phone and told her than she was safe and had not been kidnapped at all.

People in the comments sent her messages of support and also shared their own experiences of the scam.

“You the 3rd person I see today that this happened to,” one wrote.

Another added: “They actually did this to me…except my mom was right next to me in the living room!”

One more said: “I want to know how they made it look like your mom was calling you like how did they get the caller ID to say that.”

Another commented: “I would 100% fall for this! thanks for bringing awareness to it!”

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