Woman calls off wedding after discovering fiancé’s mother was in control

Woman calls off wedding after discovering fiancé’s mother was in control

A woman has taken to Reddit with an intriguing story about calling off her wedding upon discovering her fiancé's mother was actually controlling things behind the scenes, like some kind of less romantic Cyrano de Bergerac.

The potential bride explained:

The absolute final straw came when fiancé and I had a huge fight about wedding plans and the words he was saying just weren't "his" if that makes sense but the fight ended with him getting his way because I was just so exhausted. A few days later I found an email printed in the recycling bin written by his mom that was essentially a bullet point list of talking points he'd used in the fight.

After ditching the man, she proceeded to rightly enjoy the summer of her life.

I had an amazing summer, partied, got laid, ate what would have been my wedding cake off the bodies of my friends on a pontoon boat on Lake Havasu. I did my best to put it behind me.

The proposed wedding date has now passed but the mother-in-law is still not over it.

Well with the date having passed his mom has been emailing me things like "just so sad to see this date pass and Alex be so sad." And "if only we knew what was so wrong that you won't even talk to him" and my favourite "I'd be happy to be a mediator between you two.

The mother-in-law does not sound great.

His mom is obviously the "alpha-male" in the family but she has severe physical and emotional problems and had a legit heart attack when ex-fiancé’s sister told her off. But ex-MIL uses this to have one sided fights which I feel she is doing now.

Now our heroine is tempted to call the mother-in-law.

I don't feel it's fair that she gets to send me message after message passive-aggressively assigning blame to me. I want to call her and explain to her all that SHE did wrong.

Should she make the call? Most of the internet seems to think it would be a futile exercise, best summed up by a Reddit user known as Fightthehoapower:

In a fantasy world, you tell her off and some part of the truth settles in her strange brain. Maybe she snaps back into some kind of cogent trance for a moment - like when Frank the Tank perfectly responds to James Carville in the debate scene of Old School - and acknowledges the error of her ways and what a shitty person she is, and then maybe you high five a million angels.

But this is reality. She's the woman who thinks she can mediate your broken relationship with her co-dependent son back together. Nothing you could ever say could reach her, and no response you could ever receive would be satisfying.

Spending time thinking about this is time you aren't using to live your life away from these terrible people. You're free. Go do some fun, free as a bird type stuff to celebrate. Or get a good workout and massage. Either way, focus on you, and forget about those jackwagons.

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