Photographer reveals that he ‘cried’ after accidentally deleting a couple’s wedding photos

Photographer reveals that he ‘cried’ after accidentally deleting a couple’s wedding photos
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A photographer has gone viral after revealing he "cried" after a couple's wedding day pictures were completely wiped from his memory card.

The lensman, Justin Gummow (@justinshootscanon) described the nightmare scenario as "the worst thing that can happen to a photographer."

He recalled the moment he "panicked" after discovering all of the photos from the big day had been deleted as a result of the memory card that had become “corrupted," during the process of transferring the snaps onto his computer.

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"My card didn’t just get copied over, it got cut and copied over — so the card was erased," Gummow explained.

Desperate to rectify the situation for the newlyweds, the photographer spent his own money to try in an attempt to restore the corrupted card — but unfortunately, when the photos were restored they were heavily pixelated.


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“Resigned, I sat there and I cried for a minute, and I said, ‘This is the worst. This sucks,’” Gummow said. “I had to call the bride and let her know that all those memories from her day that she paid a professional photographer to take, were gone. That sucked."

The TikToker did offer the bride a refund as well as a reshoot for the portraits.

"My equipment was faulty - not that I bought faulty equipment - but s*** happens sometimes. That’s not an excuse, and that’s not OK, and I am 100 per cent responsible for it."

As luck would have it, Gummow noticed some of the photos were somehow saved onto the camera itself, instead of the memory card and so he was able to salvage those snaps which were some comfort to the couple.

While the photographer "hopes this doesn't happen to anybody else," he noted how this tip "hopefully might help somebody" who perhaps has experienced a similar technical difficulty.

Since sharing his story, Gummow's video has received a whopping 17.1m views, 2.5m likes, along with over 19,000 comments from people

One person said: "Hearing all of this makes me want to hire you. You truly truly care and have tried everything to fix it and make it right. Some people would just lie."

"New fear unlocked," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "I'm so relieved for you. I can't even imagine how stressful this was for you."

"I lost all of my wedding photos due to this exact situation," a fourth person commented.

In a follow-up TikTok, Gummow responded to a commenter who asked how the newlyweds reacted to the news that hundreds of photos from their wedding day were lost forever.

Thankfully, the bride and groom were "completely understanding and forgiving" of the unlucky situation.

“This couple is the kindest, most gracious couple I could have ever hoped to shoot for,” he added.

Glad to hear there was some kind of happy conclusion to the story.

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