Well, this sounds like the worst first date ever

Gary Robinson's first date in 18 years went very badly wrong in just over two minutes, after he took his companion to a Richard Herring gig.

In an incident described by the comic as his "favourite" heckling experience to date, the woman - who turned out to be deeply religious - objected to a "hymn-based joke" and walked out.

"And as I got going with the show and my gentle routine about childhood misunderstandings about hymns I could sense some unease and hear someone saying stuff," Herring said in a blog about the incident in Chorley.

"The woman made her way towards the stage intent on making her complaints known and in quite a tizz... She seemed upset by this gentle examination of childhood attitude to hymns and of course I was just flabbergasted as well as relieved that she hadn’t been to any of my other shows where the material was somewhat stronger."

The comic has since promised to put a recording of the incident online.

Gary, 49, is recently divorced according to the Telegraph and did not follow his date out of the gig. He later said on Twitter he had "no idea" she was so religious.

After the gig Gary texted the woman to check she was OK, and was told: “It would have been OK if you took me to see Peter Kay".

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