What every British person has in their house, according to Americans

What every British person has in their house, according to Americans
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Every society has culture, food and other things that people believe are representative of those areas.

Oftentimes, people associate fast food with the US or maple syrup with Canada.

But what are things that people believe are unique to English people?

People on Reddit have decided to weigh in, with some Brits even co-signing the assumptions.

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From bags of tea to brown sauce, below are the things people believe every British person has in their home, even if they don't.


"I KNOW they all have kettles."- u/sqarfuls

"We do. I've never, ever been to a house without one." -u/Kesly

The national drink

"As a Brit who doesn't drink nor like tea who lives with her boyfriend who also doesn't drink nor like tea, I can confirm we do have a bag of Yorkshire tea as well as numerous other kinds."- u/allypallydollytolly

Stolen beer glasses

"Specifically pint glasses nicked from the pub." -u/BaconPoweredPirate

"If I'm paying £9 for a pint, I'm having the glass, too!"-u/juayd.

Washing machines in kitchens

"A washing machine in your kitchen and possibly a fridge half the height of an American one."- u/starfishsex

"Half the height and half the width. Without an ice dispenser, of course." -u/HedgepigMatt

Sports Direct accessories

"A Sports Direct mug." -u/corrupteDNA

"Used to live in the UK and had a sports direct mug...idk where it came from, pretty sure it just appeared one day." - u/tevelis

HP sauce

"Only true accompaniment to a sausage sandwich." -u/digitag

"I'm American, but used to watch a British streamer who loved bacon sandwiches with brown sauce. Tried it once and loved it. I just got back from Canada and picked up a big bottle because that stuff is amazing."- u/agsieg

"Should only be HP or at a stretch Daddies... Other than that doesn't count. Ketchup can be any sort."- u/Ukbutton

Miscellaneous knicknacks and trinkets

"Knickknacks, tidbits, trifles, trinkets.

"Maybe a whole hodgepodge of doodads." - u/smesch83

"Whenever my aunt would come down to visit (she lived in Surrey, we live in Devon) her number 1 priority was always going down to the little seaside shops to buy knickknacks. Whenever anyone else suggested doing something different, she'd always whinge, 'No! I want to get some knickknacks!' And she'd roam around the knickknack shops buying all sorts of random crap and go home loaded with bags of it." -u/AgeOfCapricorn83

Cans of baked beans

“Heinz baked beans.” -u/SandyShortss

"Branston are top tier. ALDI's own brand (corale, I believe) is up there as well for a cheap and cheerful meal. Both spanked Heinz out my cupboard years ago." -u/WZMV

Sausage rolls and crumpets

"Sausage rolls, tea and crumpets." - u/firegodjon

"Don't have any crumpets, but my GF made a batch of sausage rolls this afternoon. They 'may' last another day, but no promises." u/impablomations

All kinds of rain gear

"A raincoat. You guys are famous for your bad weather." u/Overall_Explorer7158

"At least two, a light one for summer rain and a longer, more heavy duty one for, well, the rest of the year." - u/paigezero

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