TV quiz show contestant goes viral for hilarious wrong answer

People are finding this 'Wheel of Fortune' clip hard to watch.

A contestant who was ahead in the game guessed that the phrase on the board was, ironically, 'I'm declaring victory'. But because it was actually just 'declaring victory' (without the 'I'm'), his answer was deemed to be wrong and the opposing team won the money he momentarily believed to be his.

The contestant, Alex, later admitted he hadn't even realised he'd said "I'm".

His "stunned" reaction was hilariously awkward.

Guy on wheel of fortune tried to solve the puzzle...he said "I'm declaring victory" it was "declaring victory"...the next player solved it and won all the money. He was stunned.

But things ended on a happier note for Alex than they did for Trump.

Although he fluffed this puzzle, he came out on top at the end of the show.

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