OkCupid kicks out white supremacist: 'There is no room for hate'

OkCupid kicks out white supremacist: 'There is no room for hate'

A white supremacist who helped organise the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and recently vlogged about his fears of an arrest warrant, has been banned for life from an online dating service on which he held a profile.

Chris Cantwell was reccently featured in a Vice News documentary, ranting that he would "f***ing kill" anti-fascist counter demonstrators and, after being pepper sprayed, declares:

... we're not non-violent. We'll f***ing kill these people if we have to.

He also showed off handguns he had brought to the city, and claimed that "white men are the de facto rulers of the Earth".

In a recent video addressed to the police, he said:

I'm armed, I do not want violence with you, alright, I'm terrified, I'm afraid you're going to kill me, I really am.

So lets just do this however we need to do it. If I've got to go to jail today, it won't be the f***ing first time.

It has since emerged that he held a profile on the dating website OkCupid.

OkCupid responded to this news relatively swiftly with some distancing PR.

OkCupid also told Gizmodo in a statement:

OkCupid has zero tolerance for racism. 

We make a lot of decisions every day that are tough.

Banning Christopher Cantwell was not one of them.

It has also emerged that Cantwell wrote online dating tips for women.

They are, of course, tragically misinformed and misogynistic.

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