As public anger grows towards the Conservative government over accusations of breaking lockdown rules with an alleged Christmas party, the hashtag #whoareyouwith has been trending on Twitter.

In recent days, Number 10 has been accused of holding a Christmas party on December 18 2020 when London was in tier 3 lockdown and indoor gatherings between households were illegal.

Now, the public are asking Tory MPs to choose between speaking out in support of the British public – who broadly followed the rules – or continue backing Boris Johnson, who is increasingly under pressure over the allegations. The pressure grew after a leaked video showed now former press secretary Allegra Stratton – who has now resigned – laughing and joking with fellow aides about a Christmas party in a mock press conference.

The hashtag was started by Jo Maugham, director of the Good Law Project, who asked people in a tweet to find out who their Tory MPs stand with.

In a tweet, Maugham wrote: “It’s time for Tory MPs to say who they stand with - their constituents who made enormous sacrifices or the Prime Minister who laughs at them for doing so.”

Using the hashtag, people have been contacting their MPs to ask them the question.

One person tagged their local MP, housing secretary Michael Gove, writing: “My MP is Michael Gove.

“So, @michaelgove, who are you with? Your constituents who laboured and sacrificed and followed the rules, or the Prime Minister who bobs and weaves in the face of the law, and who laughs at us for our compliance? #WhoAreYouWith.”

Another person tagged their MP, Conservative MP for Newton Abbot, asking: “Good morning @AnneMarieMorris, can I ask you your position here?  Your constituents who obeyed the rules or the PM? #WhoAreYouWith.”

Someone went a step further, tagging the Metropolitan Police, who Dominic Raab claimed would not be investigating the alleged illegal Christmas party last year.

They wrote: “To the @metpoliceuk. You cannot hide from this anymore. Parties were held at No 10, which you allowed whilst arresting others for the same or less.

“Yet another resigning matter for Cressida Dick, and where is your statement to say you are investigating this? #WhoAreYouWith.”

Here are some other tweets:

In response to ITV’s report about the video, a Downing Street spokesman said: “There was no Christmas party. Covid rules have been followed at all times.”

Then, at PMQs on Wednesday, Johnson apologised “unreservedly” and said he was “furious” at the leaked clip. Johnson again insisted that there was no party and no rules were broken. He said there is to be an investigation, claiming disciplinary action may be taken.

It doesn’t look like this issue is going away any time soon.

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