Why Disney princesses are going to the doctor

Just when you thought you'd had your fill of Disney princesses reimagined as X,Y,Z, an actually good idea comes along.

To mark Cervical Cancer Awareness Week in the UK, sex-ed speaker Danielle Sepulveres and illustrator Maritza Lugo sent Disney's heroines to the gynaecologist.

Speaking to Forbes, Sepulveres said that she became frustrated last year when trying to pitch articles about how important cervical cancer prevention steps are.

Almost every day my timeline on social media is bombarded with reimagined Disney princesses in one way or another, and most people get a huge kick out of it.

So one day it hit me - had anyone ever drawn them going to the gynaecologist before?

When January rolled around this year, she was ready with viral modern princesses getting HPV vaccinations, smear tests, cervical exams and seeking advice on contraception, all of which can dramatically reduce the likelihood of cervical cancer:

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