William Shatner’s unique rendition of ‘Rocket Man’ resurfaces after his trip to space

William Shatner’s unique rendition of ‘Rocket Man’ resurfaces after his trip to space

William Shatner has become the oldest person to ever go into space when he spent three minutes above the Earth on Wednesday’s onboard Blue Origin’s latest manned flight to the stars.

The 90-year-old Canadian, best known for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, was clearly emotional after touching back down on Earth. Speaking to Jeff Bezos, Shatner said: “Everybody in the world needs to do this – it was unbelievable.

“What you have given me is the most profound experience. I’m so filled with emotion about what just happened. I hope I never recover from this. I hope I can retain what I feel now. I don’t want to lose it.”

After travelling throughout space for years on a television show, Shatner can now legitimately say that he has visited “the final frontier”.

Shortly after his flight, videos of Shatner’s other passion aside from acting and space resurfaced on social media to celebrate the man’s achievement. You might not know it but Shatner is something of a budding singer and has released several albums, mostly consisting of spoken word covers of songs such as Common People and Space Oddity.

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Possibly his most famous cover occurred at the 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards when he did an oddly beguiling and somewhat surreal rendition of Elton John’s Rocket Man.

Given that he is actually a legitimate ‘Rocket Man’ now, people began to share the performance again in honour of the legendary star.

Congrats to you Mr Shatner. Maybe if you are invited up to space again by Jeff Bezos, you could ask him if he could extend the trip to incorporate a karaoke session.

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