Woman discovers catfish after texting android phone user wearing apple watch in ...

Whereas being a catfish was once seen as a selfish and shameful lie full of deceit, it has now - to some extent - been normalized in today's culture.

With shows like the popular MTV series Catfish to Netflix's latest The Tinder Swindler, manipulation and deliberately thought out schemes have become a regular occurrence in dating.

So much so that now people who have catfished others in the past no longer feel a pang of guilt for tricking their significant other into thinking they look like someone they do not.

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TikTok user @nikitadorrian appears to be a wizard with a beauty blender and is able to completely transform her look with makeup

Nikita regularly shares clips of herself where she goes from a "barefaced" look that includes a unibrow and acne to a full face of glam makeup.

Some fans even noted that Nikita's finished result bears a striking resemblance to Katy Perry.

"Other guys be mad that she used makeup but I think being good at makeup is hot. Like damn you can make your already pretty face look like a goddess," wrote one.

"if you're not into at her worse you don't deserve her at her best," said another.

While some people are big fans of her makeup transitions, others have slammed her for tricking people.


Reply to @topkat50 I feel like I’m drownin!

"Okay ma’am, this is false advertising and should be illegal. Hate it for the men you trick," one said.

"Catfishing and makeup should be illegal," read another.

Someone else said, "This is why I have trust issues."

"And women have the courage to judge men for the way they look yet they’re all out here hiding behind a fake mask," another person angrily wrote.

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