Woman agrees to be a bridesmaid for a complete stranger with just two days notice
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When TikToker Danielle Haley moved to a new town, she needed new friends.

Usually, you’d swing by a coffee shop or bar, or perhaps join a community group or hobby club. But in a pandemic, it’s not as simply.

Instead, she downloaded Bumble and used its friend-finding feature to look for potential buddies.

Haley ended up matching with another woman who needed a rather personal favour. She was getting married two days later and was one bridesmaid short. After hitting it off so well, she asked Haley to be a part of her special day.

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"I moved to this town back in January, and I know three people from my program for school, and they all just went home for Spring Break, so I was like, I’m still here, I’m gonna go on Bumble BFF and see if I can make some friends,” Haley said in her very first video about the cute situation.

Danielle Haley on becoming a bridesmaid from Bumble BFFPhoto courtesy of @daniellehaley9/ TikTok

She then mentioned that it was Friday morning, and she swiped with the woman who said that her wedding was on a Sunday, which prompted her curiosity about the upcoming festivities.

"So she starts telling me, and she’s actually like, ‘I need a bridesmaid’, and I’m like ‘Oh, tell me more’. So she did, and she was like, ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’, Haley said with a smile. “And I was like, yes, I’ll be your bridesmaid for a wedding that’s in two days,” she continued.

When she accepted the invitation, Haley then said that she received a bunch of the color schemes and the dresses that the other girls were going to wear. “She’s like can you go to David’s Bridal and get a bridesmaid dress, so I did, and now I’m gonna be her bridesmaid,” Haley said.


The sweet video has been viewed 2.7 million times, and many onlookers were pleasantly surprised and eager to hear more. Even Bumble BFF commented on the situation, saying, “THIS IS SO AMAZING.”

Bumble’s responsePhoto courtesy of @daniellehaley9/ TikTok

“I’m not even dating anyone, but I’m definitely keeping you in mind for when I do get married, ” wrote one commenter.

In later videos, Haley  gave more updates about the wedding, which included asking onlookers to help her pick out the perfect outfit for the rehearsal dinner,

She even uploaded a Q& A with the bride and groom on their wedding day, in which the bride explains why she asked someone she didn’t know to be at her wedding. The bride alluded to the idea that you often don’t always talk to people who attended your wedding forever.

Haley and the bridePhoto courtesy of @daniellehaley9/ TikTok

The bride also answered the question of where she met her bridesmaids: “Through Bumble, the photographer,” and “the neighborhood.”

The bride and groomPhoto courtesy of @daniellehaley9/ TikTok

Although the bride joked about not communicating with everyone after the big day, Haley states that they continue to talk and are still hanging out to this day.

This seems to be a start of a beautiful friendship!

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