27 of the funniest and most irate reactions to the Line of Duty finale

27 of the funniest and most irate reactions to the Line of Duty finale

On Sunday, millions sat down to watch the finale to one of the most talked-about British TV shows in years: Line of Duty.

The show about a team of anti-corruption police officers, better known as AC-12, attempting to sniff out ‘bent coppers’ within their police force has attracted a legion of loyal followers since it first aired in 2012.

Written by Jed Mercurio, the show has become synonymous with its many twists and turns, tense action sequences and enigmatic captivating characters such as Ted Hastings, Kate Fleming and Steve Arnott.

The finale to season 7, which many believe will be the last episode ever, promised to unveil who the mysterious ‘H’ figure was who had been controlling ‘bent coppers’ for years as well as several other mysteries.

It really was must-watch television but did it live up to the hype?

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Warning: Major spoilers for Line of Duty ahead:

In short, the overwhelming consensus was that the final episode was a let-down. The revelation that Ian Buckells, a relatively derided character, was the criminal mastermind ‘H’ was less Keyser Soze and more like Rikishi being the person who ran over Steve Austin at Survivor Series 1999.

In addition, there were no further revelations or high-octane actions scenes but just tying up of various loose ends and a lot of talking.

Shortly after the final episode concluded, social media was flooded with people irate about what they had just watched.

Others seemed baffled that AC-12 managed to discover who H was thanks to a series of typos in his writing.

At least there were a few things that people liked about the final episode such as the house that Jo Davidson got sent to under witness protection.

People did want more fanfare for DS Chloe Bishop, who ultimately cracked who H was.

Hang on a minute though...

There were many comparisons to other popular shows.

Ultimately can we ever be truly satisfied whenever a show like this comes along which encourages us to pick at every thread and concoct our own wild theories?

Oh well, at least we had fun along the way...

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