<p>TikToker Jessica Enslow detailed the memorable experience of giving birth to her first child</p>

TikToker Jessica Enslow detailed the memorable experience of giving birth to her first child


A TikToker has recalled her shock when a doctor brought in 20 medical students to watch her give birth to her child.

Mother-of-seven Jessica Enslow was expecting her first baby when she was rushed to a military hospital for the birth because her partner was in the armed forces.

You can watch the TikTok video in full here.

Giving birth is a personal and life-changing experience, so you can imagine Jessica’s shock when a class full of medical students - 20 of them - came along to watch her give birth.

She wrote in text in the clip: “Military hospital brought in 20 med students to watch me give birth to my first child without asking me.”

To our surprise - and Jessica’s - the doctor didn’t even consult the expectant mother about extra pairs of eyes spectating the birth.

Obviously it’s not exactly an ideal situation, but Jessica decided not to say anything out of fear that she would get her husband in trouble.

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“And I didn’t say anything because I thought my husband would get in trouble,” Jessica wrote.

It was definitely a birth to remember as she shared the strange experience on TikTok, and Jessica joked: “Hopefully, military hospital policies and bedside manner have improved since 1994.”

Since sharing her story last month, the video has been viewed tens of thousands of times.

People have also left comments revealing that they went through a similar experience with their birth(s).

One person wrote: “Same thing happened to me with my first!! I tore and they had an intern stitch me up! Of course, I was so exhausted that I didn’t even realize it.”

“Same! They set up a table and had 3 people between my legs as they pushed! The doctor was ‘annoyed’ I didn’t rip so they couldn’t practice sticking,” another person said.

Someone else commented: “Right?!?! Three in mine with their jaws on the floor, they were not ready to be in a birth room!”

“Nope sadly it hasn’t changed lol. In 2018 same thing happened to me,” a fourth person said.

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