Woman stops cleaning to get revenge on her lazy husband in viral TikTok video

Woman stops cleaning to get revenge on her lazy husband in viral TikTok video
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A woman found the perfect way to exact revenge on her lazy husband, by refusing to clean for an entire month.

TikTok user @MrsMessy filmed her other half for a video which has racked up more than eight million views.

In order to show just how little her husband does around the house, she said she “stopped cleaning the house and putting away clean laundry” a month before the clip was filmed.

As she predicted, the house fell into a terrible state as the husband didn’t contribute whatsoever to the chores.

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The footage shows the piles of dirty washing, bags of crisps and rubbish that piled up in that time.


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Despite the video proving that he does nothing around the house, he tried to shift the blame and accused her of “never doing anything around the house”.

In a further twist, the man then threw a strop and “freaked out and started throwing away my cleaning supplies.”


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The poster @MrsMessy added the caption: “He said I won’t need it since I don’t clean anymore.”

There was a happy ending though, at least for @MrsMessy.


He is gone for 3 weeks. This was recorded on the first day when he left. I’ll post the update. The house is so much cleaner now 🥰I got rid of a lot of his stuff #cleantok #cleaning #husbandwife #husbandproblems #narcissist

She posted a follow up message revealing that the husband “went to Europe for three weeks to visit his mommy [sic]” after the experience.

The woman said “I’m the happiest person ever” as she enjoyed “being in a peaceful and quiet home.”

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