Woman confronts boyfriend at strip club by taking the stage herself

Woman confronts boyfriend at strip club by taking the stage herself
Woman claims that she knew her fiancé was cheating just from his ...

A woman gave her boyfriend the shock of his life after turning up at the strip club he was at and confronted him by performing on stage.

TikToker Missy Peterson (@missypetersonofficial) a real estate agent and mum-of-two from Laguna Beach, California revealed how she managed to track down her boyfriend of two years at a strip club and got her own back by becoming part of the sexy show.

"That one time I put a tracker on his car and when I found out he went to the strip club I went there, told the girls, they helped me get ready and I was next on stage," she wrote in overlay text.

“I got onstage in a bra and thong that one of the strippers gave me, walked up to him and said, ‘Oh, you want a show? I’ll give you a show,’ Peterson told The New York Post.

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She claimed her ex had previously confessed to regular trips to the strip club, getting lap dances and sleeping with the woman and promised to avoid the establishment altogether.

So when the guy had been disappearing with no explanation, Peterson's suspicions were raised and she decided to attach a GPS locator to his car where she discovered he had been visiting a local strip club.

That's when the TikToker grabbed her brown wig and stripper shoes to plan the ultimate confrontation.


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After arriving at the club and getting past the security, she explained her situation to the dancers who were "happy" to help her out and said it would be "hilarious" for Peterson to get up on stage.

Taken backstage, she said she was given "an outfit to wear, a 20-minute [tutorial] on how to work the stage and a drink.”

When Peterson took to the stage wearing pink and black lingerie, it's fair to say her boyfriend was in "utter disbelief" at what he was seeing.

In a follow-up TikTok video, she details how during her performance she "went to every single guy making $$ while he [boyfriend] sat there in utter disbelief and pissed as hell..."

But Peterson wasn't done there and made her feelings about him even clearer when afterwards she "flipped him off," telling him they were over and "to never speak to me again."


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The video has since garnered 3.9m views, with 537,000 likes and thousands of comments from people who had mixed opinions on Peterson's story.

Some people praised Petterson's plan for getting her own back on her now-ex.

One person said: "I stg [swear to God] this is the most funniest thing I’ve heard in a while."

"He’s playing checkers while you’re playing chess," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Would be priceless to see this happen."

"Ok now that would have been funny AF [as f***] to see his reaction when you came on stage. Idc [I don't care]what anyone says," a fourth person replied.

However, not everyone was convinced that Petterson's story was true, and took issue with her putting a tracker on her boyfriend's car without his knowledge.

One person said: "Clubs don’t work like this sis but I like the story lol"

"Yeah… this 1000 per cent never happened lol," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "No club would EVER allow some rando on stage, no girls would ever give you their customers, most clubs don’t let single girls inside on their own."

"But if a man openly admitted to putting a tracker on a girls car, this comment section would look a lot different," a fourth person replied.

To those doubting her story, Petterson told the same publication: "You’re just miserable and jealous that they didn’t come up with this idea themselves."

Her performance must have impressed as she claimed she was offered a job at the strip joint but politely turned down the offer. Since ending her relationship with her ex, Petterson says he's been calling "10 times a day from blocked numbers” to try and get back together.

In the end, Peterson felt happy and empowered with how she broke things off and added: “I felt great. I think it was a genius way to end things."

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