Woman’s ‘revenge necklace’ for cheating boyfriend divides TikTok

<p>Jeweller Liv Portillo was left stunned by the special request</p>

Jeweller Liv Portillo was left stunned by the special request


A jeweller has revealed the unique way in which one of her customers planned to get back at her unfaithful boyfriend.

The heartbroken woman, who hasn’t been named, placed a very special order with shop DBL Jewelry – but her gift came with a vengeful twist.

Messaging the business, the girlfriend explained: “My BF cheated and I’m sending him a necklace with ALL the girls’ names on them.”

The store’s boss Liv Portillo shared details of the custom-designed piece on TikTok, with her video racking up more than 3.4 million views and 790,000 likes in just two days.

In the clip, Portillo reveals a second note from the client, stating: “He cheated with three girls so here’s his anniversary gift. (He doesn’t know I know yet.)”

The woman requested that their anniversary date be inscribed on the front, while the back featured her punchline – the three women’s names: Ashley, Genesis and Karen.

As the video cuts to footage of Portillo creating the piece, she explains that the girlfriend is “gonna give him the necklace in front of his family so that he can read it out loud.”


The customer explained that she wanted their anniversary date on the front and proof of his infidelity on the backceo.liv/TikTok

Scores of fellow TikTokers shared their glee at the elaborate ploy, with viewers desperate for a video of the gift reveal.

“She better take a video of EVERYBODY’S reaction,” one wrote.

While a number begged to be “tagged in any updates”.

Meanwhile others marvelled at the woman’s dedication to her cause, with one writing: “The amount of willpower it takes to hold that information until the necklace arrives. Whew.”

And others were more focused on the names of the women with whom the boyfriend cheated.

“Of course it was a Karen,” one said.

“Genesis is making all the genesis’ [sic] look bad,” lamented another (called Gen).

Portillo also revealed that the customer had paid for the jewelry with her soon-to-be-ex’s credit card.

“He doesn’t know that either,” she added.

Portillo showed viewers the final product ahead of the gift reveal@ceo.liv/TikTok

However, other users were not impressed by what they considered to be a base act of “pettiness.”

“Being ‘petty’ is just a waste of time and money. Just break up with him,” one critic responded.

While another said: “I will not waste my money, might go to dinner and receive the gift from him but then bye.. This is savage.”

Portillo implied that there would be a part two to the video, so watch this space…

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