Nightmare moment woman discovers a tarantula in her holiday suitcase

Nightmare moment woman discovers a tarantula in her holiday suitcase
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Let's face it, the worst part about a summer holiday is coming home and reality kicking in, with suitcases filled with washing from the week before.

Well, if you thought you had it bad, wait until you hear this holidaymaker's story...

A viral TikTok shared by @Georgiahsx shows her friend's reaction to bringing back an unwanted souvenir from her break away: a "tarantula".

Georgia's friend can be seen making a phone call in disbelief before showing a shot of the huge spider emerging from a pile of washing on the floor.

The text overlay reads: "Hi RSPCA, I think I may have brought a tarantula in my suitcase home with me from Cyprus."

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Helpful TikTokers were quick to offer their advice in the comments, with one suggesting for her to "get on a spider group in The UK." They added: "Someone will come and get the spider."

A second shared their own experience, saying: "This nearly happened to us from Cyprus as well, were packing and there was one hiding in the hubbies sock draw! Could have easily got put in the case."

Others were unsurprisingly creeped out.

"Hang on, they have tarantulas in Cyprus?! That’s off the list," one said, while another joked: "Literally going Cyprus tomorrow, might cancel".

A third added: "OMG NO?!!! this is the fear. I need to know what happens!!"

Luggage is one thing, but imagine finding a palm-sized spider mid-flight.

A separate incident shows Tiktok and Instagram user @directorbrazil sharing exactly that, with the caption: "So this just happened on my flight..."

The video showed travellers recording the creepy crawly while muttering "Whoah!" and "Oh my God". The spider is brought through the cabin in a clear plastic bag by a passenger, led by cabin crew.

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