<p>Chris Garafola’s fiancee asked his older sister to be his maid of honour</p>

Chris Garafola’s fiancee asked his older sister to be his maid of honour


A brother has captured the moment that he told his sister that about his wedding and he and his fiance wanted her to be involved in a major way.

Chris Garafola said that his older sister Brittany is ‘extra special’ and it was really important to him that she be involved in the big day so because of the pandemic they waited until Brittany had received both doses of her coronavirus vaccines.

However, before their wedding, Chris and his finance Tatiana video chatted with Brittany and surprised her by asking if she would be Tatiana’s maid of honour.

“We’ve wanted to get married for a while now but due to COVID, we had to adjust our plans,’ Chris wrote on Instagram.

“One of the adjustments was were, unfortunately, couldn’t invite any of our friends to the wedding and only our immediate family could attend.

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“We both agreed that there would be no wedding, though, unless Brittany could there”

Due to having Down’s syndrome, Brittany is at greater risk of complications if she were to become infected with covid.

“Britt could only attend if she was vaccinated (which she was going to get regardless of a wedding because she is high risk). Her health was our main priority - no, ifs, and or buts about it.” He continued.

This meant being extra patient and waiting until she had the protection needed to be out and about.

Two weeks after Brittany getting her second dose, the engaged couple began to make wedding arrangements “immediately”

They asked her to be the maid of honour via video call, a request that she gladly accepted, getting overwhelmed with emotion at the happy news.

Chris said that Brittany “always poured her love onto him, challenged him, and taught him timeless lessons - giving him countless opportunities to grow (quickly) as a man, and become the best brother he could possibly be.”

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