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When you're in a long-term relationship you get to know the ins and outs of your significant other - but one woman was left in shock after discovering a surprising fact about her fiancé - more specifically on the origins of her engagement ring.

The TikToker who goes by user @hreb explained how she decided casually to give her fiancé a quick Google search on the internet, and let's just say she stumbled upon something unexpected.

Nope, not any photos of her fiancé's exes or cringy Facebook posts but rather a review for an engagement ring - her engagement ring - which meant that she was not the person it was originally bought for.

Summing up the situation, she used text overlay and wrote: "When I randomly decided to Google my fiancé's name on the couch and saw a review written on a jeweler's website for my engagement ring before we even met" and added in the post caption: "Sadly this is very true."

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In the clip, the TikToker also used a crying eye filter along with a sound from the CBBC series The Story of Tracy Beaker where the main character is asked "What's wrong?" to which Beaker replies with the classic line: "just hay fever" so people don't think she's crying. It's part of a popular TikTok reflect on any sad moments in their life.

Sadly this is very true #closeyourrings #fyp


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Sadly this is very true #closeyourrings #fyp

Since sharing her sad story, the TikToker has received 1.3m views, 87,000 likes, along with hundreds of comments from people who expressed their thoughts on the revelation.

One person joked: "He really said reduce, reuse, recycle."

"This would be my 13th reason," another person replied.

Someone else added: "I hope this is your ex fiancé."

"Runs to google to search my bfs name," a fourth person replied with running emojis.

Though the TikToker was able to see the funny side to her "trauma" when replying to people in the comments section and for those interested in what happened to the ring, she told one commenter that it was "gone" after they asked for a "ring reveal."

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