Video shows Alabama jail official reportedly helping a capital murder suspect escape
Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office

A TikTok video showing a woman scheduling jail visits with her ex in order to cancel them last minute has sparked debate online.

The clip was posted by TikToker @carolinee.xx, who goes by the name Caroline, and appears to show someone intentionally making sure that their ex in prison would be unable to have any visitors.

According to the phone shown in the video, the inmate appears to be held at a facility in Houston, Texas.

Text overlay on the video read: “She scheduled all his visits in jail to cancel them on the same day so no one can go see him lol.”

The caption also suggested that they were previously a couple, as it read: “She really did #crazygirl #exboyfriend #jail #jailrelationship.”

A woman on the phone appeared to be logged into the booking system and appeared to be making adjustments to visitations.

The clip has been viewed more than 1.7 million times and has divided viewers.


She really did 😂 #crazygirl #exboyfriend #jail #jailrelationship #fyp #fypシ #viral #greenscreen #ScreamItOut

One person wrote: “Nah this is EVIL.”

“Omg this is so clever! Best revenge ever,” another commented.

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Someone else replied: “Petty Betty.”

Another said: “Toxic lol.”

But, others also took the opportunity to admit to having done the same thing or planning to do it.

Someone wrote: “I’m just glad I’m not the only crazy one. we in this together.”

Another person commented: “lol I did this when he was only allowed one a month. I would book and not show up just so no one else could go.”

“ima do this the next time,” someone else shared.

In the comments, Caroline defended her video writing: “Some of y'all really feeling some type of way.

“Doesn't have kids, Not Married, & The Mom agrees with my co worker.”

She continued to explain the situation: “Only in there for a few months, lol like if y'all know the situation. Gets a visit every week by his mom.”

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