Woman discovers catfish after texting android phone user wearing apple watch in ...

A woman shared a mortifying notification sent to her family, which showed she and her boyfriend had both completed an exercise at the same time.

Twitter user Georgia (@lolgeorgee) was left red-faced and turned to the platform with a snap to show followers the awkward blunder. She wrote: "Not my family getting these notifications from me & my boyfriend on their Apple watches."

The tweet soon went viral, racking up thousands of RTs and likes from Twitter users who found the ordeal hilarious.

One innocent user initially thought, "their gym memberships were connected to their watches", before clicking on.

Another user joked that their family would ask why they were "doing a workout at 11.30pm."

A third person shared their own disturbing experience: "I'll never forget that time my mom was at her man's house and her Apple Watch told me and Kia she had just finished a workout at 10pm."

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Others, however, weren't sold that the "exercise" was what was being insinuated.

"Let's be honest," one said. "They genuinely just went for a run…."

Another suggested the tweet was fabricated. "Lies, lies," they said, quizzing: "Who keeps their watches on during the thang, though?"

"Today in things that didn't happen," a third concluded.

And they were correct...

Georgia later clarified that the tweet was intended to be a joke.

She wrote: "TO BE CLEAR: this is just a little joke. My brother put his watch on later in the day and got all his notifications at once. I cannot stress enough how this is just a little joke. Please stop messaging me. I NEED PEACE."

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