Woman reveals how much money she makes selling feet pics and dirty socks

Woman reveals how much money she makes selling feet pics and dirty socks
Dancer makes thousands on OnlyFans after being told she'd never make it

An erotic content creator has opened up about how much money she earns from selling foot pics and dirty socks.

32-year-old Chrissy uploads her content on the website Fun with Feet and has revealed just how lucrative the industry can be, with customers paying over $300 for personalised video requests.

Speaking to Insider, Chrissy revealed that she has been making money from her “elegant” feet for the last three years and originally joined the site as a side hustle before making it her main source of income six months ago, earning an average of $5,000 per month.

As opposed to other NSFW content platforms such as OnlyFans, Chrissy believes Fun with Feet makes her more able to hide her face and true identity and create her own schedule.

During the pandemic when her previous jobs as a hairdresser and bartender dried up, the former model began building a client base on the foot website.

She explained: “I really didn't know if I was going to be back at work the next week. That's when I started to explore other options and came across Fun with Feet.”

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Initially, Chrissy explained, her clients simply wanted to scroll through her photos and chat with her non-sexually over messages.

Chrissy said: “Nine times out of 10, the average customer just wants someone to talk to. Whenever they see a photo, they want to imagine the person behind that photo.”

Now, it has become more of a full-time occupation, as she spends three to five hours per day producing content, including filming or photographing custom requests. She can also earn more than $500 for mailing her used socks to clients.

Customers can request things such as a certain colour of nail polish or type of pedicure. Another request she previously had was from a customer who wanted her to video her bare feet running through the mud, inspired by The Lord of The Rings film.

Any props required, or pedicures done, are factored into the cost of the video or photo request. Chrissy added: “They pay for everything. It's a service, baby.”

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