Woman fears she'll never be hired again after boss spied on her laptop activity

Woman fears she'll never be hired again after boss spied on her laptop activity
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A work-from-home employee, who was fired after her boss tracked her computer activity, now fears she'll never be hired again.

Suzie Cheiko, 38, worked for an insurance company in Australia for almost 20 years and was given a formal warning in November 2022.

She was reportedly put on a performance plan after her keyboard strokes were monitored on 49 days between October and December.

The company's decision to fire her was backed by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) when Suzie appealed the decision.

According to the FWC findings reported in AU News, Suzie was fired on February 20 for missing meetings and deadlines, being absent and uncontactable, and failing to complete a task which resulted in the industry regulator fining IAG.

Suzie has since spoken out about the ordeal to the Daily Mail.

"It’s embarrassing that this story has gone viral — nobody is going to hire me," she said. "In 18 years of work there, I only ever got one warning."

Suzie has since signed up for welfare and will receive her first payment this month. She has also become a micro influencer on TikTok which brings her a small stream of income.

"I make a small percentage of money off TikTok — just enough to cover my bills," she added.

"It’s all to do with my mental health, you see. I’m an advocate because of the mental health issues I have suffered, so I raise awareness by talking about it on 'lives.'"

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