Woman divides the internet after forbidding husband from napping on Christmas Day

Woman divides the internet after forbidding husband from napping on Christmas Day
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A woman has divided the internet after criticising her husband for napping on Christmas Day.

An unnamed Reddit user posted her quandary in the popular “Am I the A**hole” forum, and received mixed feedback on her festive dilemma after explaining how she believed her partner was disrupting the big day by going off to bed.

She wrote in the post: “My husband (40M) and I (F39) have been married for more than 15 years… I can't sleep in no matter what I do, and I never nap, I'm not good at it anyway, and I consider it lost time in a day, and time lost with our daughters (9 and 10) and time that could have been well spent doing chores, playing, exercising, etc.”

The post went on: “My [husband] LOVES to nap. He'd do it almost everyday. Besides, he sleeps in every morning on weekends and days off. I don't mind that much because I would also like to do it, if only I could. We used to take [turns] when I was still able to sleep in.

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“However, that is on top on the napping. Even if I tell him to please go to bed earlier, to please not nap, especially when the girls are around, he just doesn't care. He'll nap anyway. He never gives in to my requests.”

She went on to say: “Today's Christmas day. We had a party yesterday and we went to bed very late. I was exhausted. However that was about is usual bedtime (I go to bed 2-3 hours before he does). We managed to wake up at 9 a.m., which is awesome for me. We watched our daughters open up their presents and ate breakfast. I asked everyone if they'd like to watch a Christmas movie.

The woman split opinion with the Reddit postiStock

“The girls declined, preferring to play with their toys. Then my husband immediately went to bed. At like 11 a.m. on Christmas Day­. I'm beyond appalled. I can't even believe this. We could have played with the girls, watched a different movie or even anything he'd enjoy, clean up the Christmas mess, anything, anything at all, but no, he went back to bed.”

Asking for feedback, she finished by writing: “AITA for critiquing him, being mad at him on Christmas day, and for trying to control when he sleeps?”

The post left people conflicted. Some were critical of her, with one saying: “YTA. First, if your husband sleeps this much you need to consider of he has an umtteated sleep disorder. If so, this could cause huge problems down the road for his physical health.”

Another said: “Good lord, Christmas Day naps are like the best part of Christmas. My kids go play on their new stuff, and we put on football and nap on the couch. You sound like the reason I don’t do Christmas Day at my mom’s house anymore. You were ‘appalled’? YTA”

Others, though, completely took the woman’s side.

A user commented: “Doesn’t sound like he sleeps that much or has an issue- sound like is just selfish and is prioritising his own ‘me’ time at night over his family time. And letting his wife pick up all the parenting.”

One more wrote: “NTA but this isn’t a napping issue, it seems more like an issue of your husband dipping out to leave you with all the responsibility regularly and not just at Christmas. It’s frustrating because you’re tired too, but he’s not offering you a break. He could help you clean up and then you could both take a break and still have family time.”

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