Woman has full makeover before giving birth

Woman has full makeover before giving birth
Getting a complete hair makeover with Billy Maloy

A young Australian mum had a full makeover from head to toe just hours before she was due to give birth.

Indy Clinton lives in Sydney with her husband Ben and young son Navy and gave birth to a girl, Bambi Valentine, on 14 October.

Leading up to her induction, the 25-year-old dropped off her son at daycare so she could prepare for her oncoming labour and pamper herself.

In a video shared to her TikTok, the very first stop for her makeover was the manicure and pedicure, as she opted for a pale pink on her fingernails and a bright orange hue for her toes.

"God, that was a waste of $40; it doesn't look like anything has changed. But I did go wild on my toes though, and I went orange,' Clinton said in the video.

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Secondly, she stopped by Woolworths to get an assortment of snacks before she went back home to wash her hair and apply a fake tan.

Clinton stopped by Woolworths for a selection of snacks before returning home to apply some Bondi Sands fake tan and wash her hair.

"Also, if someone asks why I'm fake tanning for labour, do I want to look ugly when I'm pushing out a child from my... no," she said.

Clinton also asked her followers on social media if she should sport a bra during her induction because she 'just wore the hospital gown' when giving birth to her son and felt her shoulders appeared "really broad."


I’m ready!!!! now just waiting on one thing… 🤔

Many people had mixed emotions over how to receive her pre-labour glam makeover.

One person wrote: "So I look ugly because I've pale skin? Okay."

"Did you just say you didn't like the vibe of a hospital gown? You're having a child babe. Jog on," another added.

In another video shared to TikTok, Clinton was on her way to the hospital to give birth. Within that video, she plucked her husband Ben's eyebrows, noting that he couldn't have a 'unibrow' while she was in labour.

She also reapplied her makeup while having contractions.

Others were in support of Clinton wanting to "feel good" in the hospital and shared how they'd done similar things before labour.

"I did this exact same thing before my induction!! I hope your birth goes well. Can't wait to see little baby B," one added, while another wrote:" I fake tanned for labor too, and I don't regret hahahaha."

Someone else wrote: "Yes, I did my makeup during labour. You want to feel as beautiful as possible when someone is looking at your flower."

The following day after, she gave birth, taking to Instagram to share a photo of herself cradling her baby with the caption, "our daughter is here."

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