Woman gets stuck in lift, company asks if she needs help 7 months later

A woman went through a pretty stressful ordeal when she got trapped in a lift at the airport back in February.

Yes, that was quite a while ago, so why is it being reported now? Because the company that maintains the lift has only just got round to asking her if she needs any help getting out.

Amanda Carpenter, Senator Ted Cruz's former communications director, was in an Amtrak lift at Baltimore–Washington International Airport when she became trapped.

So she decided to tweet her 90,000 followers to ask for some help.

To make matters worse, she realised that the lift’s certificate of compliance had expired months before.

Fast forward to this week – that’s seven whole months after she got stuck - and Amtrak finally replied to Carpenter to see if she was still there.

She reassured them that she was not still in the lift.

The company later clarified that someone had just retweeted her message so they assumed it was new, and that they were not in fact asking her if she had been stuck in a lift for seven months.

They admitted their mistake and even offered her a free journey on their express train service by way of apology.

It turned out that Amtrak had originally replied just minutes after her original tweet to let her know they were working on getting her out, so they really could have saved themselves a lot of embarrassment here.

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