Woman makes little girl cry by demanding she move from plane window seat

Woman makes little girl cry by demanding she move from plane window seat
I refused to switch seats with a mom's teen son — she …

A woman who saw a child sitting in the window seat she booked on a flight, ended up making the youngster cry by asking her to move - and now wants to know if she made the right decision.

In a post to Reddit's "Am I the A**hole?" forum, the 22-year-old explained she had booked the window seat for an 8-9 hour long international flight and was travelling by herself to her destination.

"Leaving my family this time has been hard and I’ve been crying on and off the entire day. I had a window seat booked for my flight and I was looking forward to it," she explained.

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However, when she went to go sit in the seat she booked, she noticed someone was already sat in it.

"When I got there, a child was sitting in my seat and her dad in the middle seat. I looked at the dad and pointed at the window seat saying that I think it’s my seat expecting him to move," the woman recalled.

But the father refused to move his child, despite the woman booking window seat specifically.

"He looked at me and said she’s a child and pointed at the aisle seat suggesting I take it. Perplexed I did and had mentioned this to my family."

She then described a phone call she had with her dad, who told the child's father to give the seat back "because he paid for it and it wasn’t a free seat."

A girl was sat in the window seat the woman had booked for her flight.iStockphoto by Getty Images

Taking this advice, she then told the girl's father moved his daughter - though the girl wasn't happy about this.

"She started crying and I felt terrible but my dad told me to hold my ground," the woman said.

"The girl moved and is sitting in the middle, I’m in my seat and I’m also sitting back so she can see out the window."

To conclude her post, the woman noted the child's dad has "made one or two snide remarks about me wanting my seat" and then asked "AITA for insisting on sitting in my seat?"

Hundreds of people have since responded to the woman's story, and unanimously decided that she was "NTA" [not the a**hole] in this situation as she has booked the seat, and believe the father should've booked the window seat for his child if it was that important.

One person wrote: "NTA. You bought a seat to be able to use it, and the father in this situation knew that the seat he put his child in wasn’t theirs to use.

"If the father wanted their child to have a window seat, they should have selected one."

"NTA. No, what is this epidemic of people assuming they can take another person's assigned seat?" another person said.

"The seats can have different prices, and can be selected ahead of time. The father can keep his snide remarks to himself."

Someone else added: "NTA. It was your seat and I bet you if the roles were reversed (you sitting in his paid seat) he'd have no hesitation getting you out of that seat."

"NTA It's your seat. It's paid for. Never feel bad about this," a fourth person commented.

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