Woman fumes as husband compares her new haircut to Boris Johnson’s

Woman fumes as husband compares her new haircut to Boris Johnson’s
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If you're anything like us, you'd probably feel a bit defeated if someone compared your hairdo to the likes of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, Alex Osborne took to the platform to explain her conversation with her boyfriend but admitted that he "isn't wrong" about the comparison.

Her blonde pixie cut that she straightened was fairly similar to the UK politician's hairstyle.

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"So, I shaved my head about five weeks ago, and it's at the really, really awkward stage of growing out," she said in the video.

"So, I'm desperately trying new things to make it look half decent."

She added: "I've just straightened it for the first time, and my boyfriend has just told me that I look like Boris Johnson." He's not wrong!"

Osborne also commented on her post to express that she is "100 per cent here for being roasted" by viewers.

And people took to the comments to jokingly oblige.

One wrote: "It's too neat for Boris Johnson."

"Was sooo ready to yell at the bf…buuuut… love that you're owning though," another added while a third quipped, "More like Michael Fabricant!"

Other people spoke about their experiences growing out a haircut or provided suggestions for how Osborne could style her hair in the meantime.

"I did this a few years ago. I found curling the top part and trimming the sides a bit helped it look better x," one added.

Someone else wrote: "[I've] grown out a pixie cut about three times, and I would always curl my hair with really small straighteners for texture. Also used The Ordinary Hair density serum and it make it grow sooo quickly."

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