Woman hurt as ‘friend’ asks her to take off hijab for wedding as it makes in-laws ‘uncomfortable’

Woman hurt as ‘friend’ asks her to take off hijab for wedding as it makes in-laws ‘uncomfortable’
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A woman has shared how her “friend” asked her to remove her hijab for her wedding day as she claims it makes her future in-laws “uncomfortable”.

The freelance makeup artist, from the south of the USA, said despite the bride’s offensive request, she still expects her to do her bridal makeup for free on the day.

Posting to the Am I The A**hole subreddit, the 23-year-old explained that her pal “Sally” is marrying a man whose family is “Conservative American”.

She said she typically doesn’t care about people’s opinions on politics, so long as they don’t push them on her, but if they do, she will debate with them.

At Sally’s engagement party last week, her pal's in-laws were expressing political opinions she doesn’t agree with, but she didn’t join the conversation as she didn’t want to cause “drama” at the party.

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But during the party, she noticed Sally’s in-laws looking at her “oddly”, but she tried to ignore it.

The next day, Sally called her and seemed nervous. The Redditor asked her to say what was on her mind, and it was at this point Sally told her that her in-laws felt “uncomfortable” around her, and felt as though “they couldn’t freely talk with someone like [her] around”.

The Redditor claimed her in-laws seem like “blatant racists”, and said she won’t come to the wedding.

She said that as she’s a makeup artist, Sally was expecting her help on the day.

During the conversation, Sally asked the Redditor if she can take off her hijab for the wedding and “do her makeup while not ‘scaring’ her in-laws”.

The Redditor shot back and said: “No way in f***ing hell would I ever change myself or compromise my religion for a bunch of strangers, and I won’t step [a] foot near them as I’d hate to ‘scare’ them”.

Now Sally is apparently mad that the Redditor “offended her and her future family”.

Some of the original poster’s other friends said although Sally's suggestion to remove her hijab was “wildly inappropriate”, she should keep her promise of doing her makeup for free as the wedding is only a month away. Dropping out so close to the wedding would leave her in a “tough position”, they said.

The top comment, with almost 30,000 upvotes reads: “No amount of makeup can make a racist/Islamophobe/xenophobe look pretty.” The original poster replied: “I spit out my coffee at this comment”.

Another commenter pointed out that it’s not the Redditor who would be putting Sally in a “tough position” if she dropped out of the wedding. They wrote: ”Sally left herself in a tough position by siding with blatant racists.”

“Nobody can expect you to remove a PERSONAL AND RELIGIOUS ARTICLE OF CLOTHING for a wedding. A f***ing wedding! Stand your ground, and know that we’re behind you on this,” another commenter wrote.

Responding, the original poster said she will use this thread whenever someone tries to talk her into helping Sally.

Another wrote: “Sally is not your friend. She can pay to get her makeup done, that’s a consequence or enabling racism and prioritizing her racist family over her friends.”

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