Woman catches her husband cheating on her own doorbell camera

Woman catches her husband cheating on her own doorbell camera

A woman allegedly caught her husband cheating on their doorbell camera after he claimed he was too “sick” to join a family trip.

Kaylie Kristina shared a video to TikTok showing a man coming out of what is presumably their family home with a woman who he pecked on the lips.

She captioned the clip: “When your husband is too sick to go on the family trip you planned” and added the hashtags “cheater” and “garbage”.

Since it was uploaded, the video has amassed 5.3 million views, 510,000 likes and over 5,000 comments.


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In the comment section, Kaylie said that her husband thought the doorbell camera was disconnected.

One viewer commented: “Thought he was about to sneak out to go drink with friends but was not expecting that”, with Kaylie firing back: “What friends?”

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“Divorce, but make it spicy with evidence,” another wrote.

In an update, she revealed that the woman pretended to be her friend and would invite her son over for playdates, adding: “She’s just as much of a homewrecker as he is”.


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In another update she answered a question about whether or not she will leave her husband. In the two-second clip, she said: “Abso-f***ing-lutely”.

He also apparently tried apologising, but the TikToker said she doesn’t feel that she’ll be able to forgive him.


Reply to @nofilia86 #foryoupage #fyp #cheater #update #ringgirl #homewrecker #messytiktok

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