<p>The outfit Mia turned up to court in to attempt to avoid her jury duty </p>

The outfit Mia turned up to court in to attempt to avoid her jury duty


Jury duty can be a daunting and time-consuming process with some people attempting to avoid it all costs - and one woman has come up with a hilarious solution to dodge getting picked.

TikToker Mia (@miagraves) explained how she found out she had jury duty the next day and has to show up for it.

“I’ve pushed it off twice and I do not want to go,” she explained and then shared how she was going to swerve from being selected, “So I’m going to try to put together an outfit that just screams ‘Send that b***h home’.”


sound off below with how you think i should con my way out of jury duty 🥰

Mia then decided to show off some of the different looks she is thinking of wearing to her followers in order to successfully attempt her mission.

“The theme is menace to society,” the TikToker describes as she displays her first option which is a black t-shirt that reads: “I love shoes, booze, boys with tattoos.”

“I think that just screams that I have terrible judgement to be a juror,” Mia added and can also be seen wearing black biker shorts. For her footwear, Mia decided to go bold and “seal the deal” with a pair of pink crocs and even coordinated with her pink hairclip.

The next option would definitely leave a lasting impression in any courtroom as Mia sports a red low-cut top and denim shorts. She said: “It’s just to kind of look like a walking distraction. I wanted to show as much cleavage as possible, lots of leg.”

She then pairs the outfit with a pair of cowboy boots, and admits if she chose this option that she would definitely adopt a southern accent so the court would think she would have “better things to do” and joked: “...like take care of my horse Blue Jeans.”

Some of Mia’s outfit choices included a cowboy themed look and then a look inspired by Elle Woods from Legally Blonde TikTok/miagravess

To top off the country look, Mia puts on a cowboy hat to truly give off some southern vibes, “I feel like this kind of screams ‘She should not make any decision for America at all, even though she represents it well.’”

Meanwhile, option three is a complete 180, as the TikToker appears reserved in a blazer, skirt and glass where she reference’s Elle Woods from the film Legally Blonde in an attempt to hoodwink the court.

“The whole idea is overqualified, like if I showed up and other jurors saw me in this fit they would be intimidated and want to go home, therefore they’re gonna send me away because I am just better than everyone,” she explains.

Her final outfit option requires minimal effort which Mia describes the vibes as “I just woke up like this, dischevelled/I’m unwell,” as she models a frat t-shirt, leggings, knock-of JB slides with her hair up in a messy bun.


Amping up the messy look, Mia adds some mascara and applies it lazily to her face to make it look like she just had a “mental f****ing breakdown” adding that she could “show up sobbing” as she then flicks water onto her face and smears her makeup.

“If you saw this you would NOT let my a** into a courtroom,” she laughed and then asks her followers for their opinions as to which outfit to go for.

Since posting her dilemma, Mia has received 2M views on her video, with nearly 400,000 likes and thousands of comments with people sharing their favourite look.

It turns out Mia’s plan was a resounding success after she posted a follow-up TikTok revealing that she managed to get sent home by the judge and get off of doing jury duty.

“When you get sent home from jury duty, besties the plan worked,” read the text on her video that now has more than 3.3M views.

The TikToker added further hilarious details in the caption, reading: “When the judge looks at you and says ‘you’re free to go.’”

So what outfit did Mia choose in the end?

In the caption, she revealed that she wore the first option but had to put a sweatshirt on because she was cold.

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