Woman mistakenly eats two biscuits covered in ants thinking that they were seeds

Woman mistakenly eats two biscuits covered in ants thinking that they were seeds
TikToker sets up a restaurant for ants

When tucking into a pack of biscuits, one woman thought she was eating a seed-based treat - only to discover to her horror that those seeds were in fact actually ants.

TikToker Brenna (@brennaj77) posted the moment she realised what she was actually snacking on (after eating two of them), and it's fair to say she was both shocked and disgusted.

In the clip, Brenna looks traumatised as she showed the camera one of the biscuits she was holding before flipping the camera around to zoom into the biscuit in detail where a number of small ants can be seen just chilling inside the biscuit - but it wasn't just the one biscuit as the TikToker panned to the whole packed which appeared to also be riddled with the insects.

"I thought they were seeds... I've already eaten two," she wrote as the overlay text, she then turns the camera back to herself where it looks like she is still processing what she had inadvertently eaten.

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Fortunately, she was able to joke about it all and wrote as the caption: "I think it's about time for new prescription glasses..."


i think it’s about time for new prescription glasses…. #fyp #AFairShotWithBlock #ant

Since posting the mistake, Brenna's video has received 17m views, 2.3m likes, along with nearly 38,000 comments from people who couldn't believe what they had just watched.


"I'm so confused as to how they became part of the biscuit."

Someone else added: "I definitely thought they were seeds too."

Meanwhile, others expressed how disturbed they were and asked Brenna how she was after eating the two ant covered biscuits.

One person wrote: "This is so traumatic I’m genuinely sorry this happened to you."

"It's funny but it's not sis are you doing alright? I'd be traumatized," another person said.

Someone else replied: "I would’ve thrown up my own gut."

In a follow-up video, Brenna detailed that she first noticed the creepy crawlies in the biscuits "when the flavour started tasting like pennies," and compared the taste to like "chewing on coins."

So from this, we all might want to double-check if our seeded biscuits are actually seeded before eating them...

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