Woman reveals what happened to her body after only consuming orange juice for 40 days

Woman reveals what happened to her body after only consuming orange juice for 40 days

A woman has shared her experiences after consuming nothing but orange juice for 40 days straight.

Anne Osbourne from Queensland, Australia has been full of praise for the unusual lifestyle choice after observing it over Lent earlier this year.

However, as USA Today reports, orange juice is not a complete meal, it does not consist of enough calories to sustain people during a day and consuming only orange juice could present serious health dangers.

Speaking in a video posted on Instagram, Osbourne – who is a fruitarian and only eats fruit – said she had chosen to only consume the juice from oranges, rather than her usual diet which consists of a wider variety of fruit.

"I just wanted to talk about my experience of 40 days of orange juice alone for lent. It's been a wonderful experience,” she said, speaking about her time observing the unusual diet.

"It's a way of connecting, I think, with our inner selves. A period of reflection. A period of going inward while at the same time you're having great physical health, great energy and great wellness."

She added: “The health benefits are great: good energy, cleansing, healing, clarity of mind and just a wonderful experience.”

Dietitian Abbey Sharp told USA Today that orange juice is "a powerful antioxidant that supports immune function and some juices are fortified with calcium and vitamin D".

"All juices are typically stripped of their beneficial fibers that help slow the absorption of sugars and reduce the glycemic index. So orange juice, even when not sweetened, can cause blood sugar spikes."

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