Woman upset after partner buys Christmas present for ex - but gets her nothing

Woman upset after partner buys Christmas present for ex - but gets her nothing

A woman was left disappointed after her partner purchased a Christmas gift for an ex, all while giving her nothing.

The woman shared her frustrating situation on Mumsnet, explaining that she and her partner had recently bought and split the price of “something fairly large” and as such agreed not to buy each other any gifts this year.

While they had made the decision not to do so together, the woman still went ahead and surprised her partner with a present.

Now, she’s discovered that he bought a gift for his ex—even though they’re just friends—and she’s feeling down that she won’t be receiving anything.

“I have bought him something, which I know was my choice but now I’ve found out he’s bought something for his ex (they are ‘just friends’ but that’s a whole other thread) I’m feeling a bit sad that I won’t get anything,” she wrote.

The woman further shared that her partner is currently saving for a car.

In the comments, people had mixed feeling about whether or not she had a reason to feel let down.

“He’s done what you agreed to, you’re the one who’s decided to buy him something. Tell him you’ve changed your mind and want a present too, he’s unlikely to be telepathic,” one person said.

Another had a stronger opinion, “Get rid of him .. that’s so hurtful. Please leave - you deserve better OP.”

“Throw this one back OP. In the kindest way possible, he's not that into you. And he's not over the ex,” one comment read.

Some people even found that the original poster was in the wrong for failing to not get her partner a gift as they had initially agreed upon.

“I know this isn't the point, but I find it annoying that you've agreed not to get each other something but you've gone and gotten him something,” one wrote.

“So you told him not to buy you something. He has followed your instructions. You breached your own agreement without his knowledge. And now you’re mad/sad about it…He can’t win, can he? If his friend was male would you be less jealous about not getting a gift as you requested?” read one comment.

They added: “Please don’t expect him to be psychic. Please don’t mess around with partners by getting them to agree to X because you want a certain result elsewhere (the shared large purchase) and then being annoyed at them when they stick to the very agreement you requested.”

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