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A New Yorker’s thoughtful proposal to her girlfriend has got the Twitterverse emotional.

Twitter user Meg shared the story of how her girlfriend, Lydia proposed to her.

The duo, who have been together for four yearshave a tradition to take instant photos of their “adventures” and dates together.

The weekend of the proposal, they went to the Minnewaska state park in New York. Lydia suggested Meg stand looking out at the view, while Lydia took her photo from behind.

What she didn’t realise however, was that Lydia had two slips of paper with the words ‘marry’ and ‘me’ written on them. She held them in the shot.

When the photographs developed, the proposal was right there.

The proposal, which was posted on Twitter quickly racked up thousands of likes and shares.

People were blown away by the loving intimacy of it all

Like, really, really blown away

It's just...so cute

'Best proposal ever'

People needed this story.

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