Woman left confused after receiving anonymous letter written in 'code'

Woman left confused after receiving anonymous letter written in 'code'
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When things arrive in the post, it's common to receive random leaflets, pamphlets and junk mail - however, a Sheffield woman has shared her confusion and concern over a letter she was sent which she hasn't been able to decipher.

An anonymous letter was posted through the woman's letterbox and rather than the envelope just including the traditional address, this one contained random words like some kind of mystery code.

Unable to work out what the words meant, she sent images to her friend who decided to see if the answers could be found on the internet.

They posted the letter on Reddit's Casual UK forum to find someone who could figure out if the letter had any secret meaning.

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In the post, the person wrote: "Someone I know got sent this through the post, addressed to her house, but no name and she's more than a bit creeped out. Anyone got any ideas what this is?"

Images were also posted, showing the front and back of the envelope as well as the contents of the letter itself which also had a similar code.

The post has since garnered over 2981 upvotes as well as hundreds of comments from people who were just as perplexed as to what the letter could be.

One person wrote: "What on earth?! If you ever find out can you update us?"

"Really hope we can find an answer to this," another person said, while a third person also agreed: "Well I’ll be thinking about this for the rest of my life now."

Some even took the time to complement the penmanship of the anonymous letter writer.

One replied: "Anyone else impressed by the penmanship?"

"I’m jealous of their handwriting," said another person.

Elsewhere, others felt that the letter was written by someone unwell and so the communication wasn't personal or targeted in any way towards the woman but still urged her to report the matter to the authorities as whoever sent it may need help.

One person wrote: "To me, this looks like the ramblings of someone who is not mentally well hence the delusional, scattered writing that lacks meaning."

"I have seen countless similar cases on r/rbi that have almost always turned out to be someone with some form of schizophrenia or other disillusion disorder," another person wrote.

"If it was something sinister, it would be something that could easily be decrypted or the person would be threatened outright."

Someone else added: "Psychosis or a manic episode. I work in inpatient MH and have met a few prolific letter writers. One fella would always send cryptic warnings to politicians. No ill intent, just very unwell."

The woman will be glad to hear that she is not alone in receiving the strange letter as someone else commented how their friend in Sheffield was also sent a similar letter.

"Are you in Sheffield? Friend of mine who works there showed me they got the same thing to their office. And the police told them lots of addresses around there have been getting them," they wrote.

In the end, the original poster managed to get to the bottom of the mystery with the help of the Reddit community and posted an update on the matter.

"So, final update: turns out this has been going on for 2 or 3 years sporadically in Sheffield. One person said a man came into their office asking for everyone's addresses and was asked to leave, and they received a letter to the office a few days later. The uni gets them every few weeks.

"Clearly a guy who's suffering from some sort or psychosis, schizophrenic disorder etc. Hopefully he'll get the help and support he needs."

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