Nightclub responds brilliantly to a woman's racist rant

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A woman who was turned away from The Loft nightclub in Weston-Super-Mare for being too drunk decided the best response was to post a racist rant on Facebook.

Deborah Smith was refused entry from the club, and went home to complain on The Loft's page.

She wrote:

It is 3.30am and I have been refused entry to the LOFT in Weston Super Mare!!!! Why????

Because some foreign t**t says I was too p**sed to enter.

Too p**sed? Assumed buy (sic) a god dam foreigner? In my country? England!!!!! Born in Somerset… and told I am too wankered by some olive coloured T***!

Her rant continued on the club's Facebook page:

She also promised to share her views on “every social god dam(sp) media site I can find”.

But the club’s response (which was taken down by Facebook for some reason) ended up making the drunk rant a viral hit.

The Loft's response read:

Thank you ******* *****, for your racist spiel this morning in our inbox and all over our Facebook wall. It certainly made us grimace that even in today's society there are such dim lights still flickering in the background harboring such racist and personally disgusting views towards other human beings. 

We have a society of acceptance and tolerance within the UK, yet there are people who still exist with such out dated and outrageous beliefs of racial hatred.

As for your refusal at The Loft, did you not for one second think that the door staff could have been British citizens with a proud heritage?

As for "Olive coloured f***ing a****le" (sic) What color would you prefer the doormen to be in your country?

Is there a particular shade of white that is acceptable? Maybe you feel it should be part of the interview process, to hold candidates against a color chart and deviations shall not be permitted past a shade either side. 

Maybe you would like us to have a pure white British, non-Muslim member of staff, on call for your benefit so you can accept the rules when you are told them. Again color and heritage seem to be so important to yourself when understanding "Sorry you can't come in you have had too much to drink." The rules the door staff are following are those set by an institution you may have heard of known as the BRITISH government and it's a pesky legislation called the licensing act. Last time I checked it was situated in England the country you appear to have claimed ownership of. Fancy those " god d** foreigners"(sic) as you like to call them upholding English rules.

Fancy someone telling you in your country, your own rules from your own government. How dare they ?

To save any further mix-ups on the door, we feel we should assist you with your understanding and communication with regards to your rights of entry at The Loft in the future.

They are revoked, removed, and categorically rescinded.

The reason for this is:

We feel that you wouldn’t like it in here. We let people in of every skin color, in fact we even let non-English white ones like Canadians in, fancy that someone being white but not British? We allow people who follow all faiths even Muslims, Christians, Roman Catholics, Pastafarians, Sikhs, Jedi and Buddhists. We welcome members of the LGBT community as well. All of the above are Human beings every last one of them! People are not required to wear a badge as to their sexual preference, religion or country of origin, because people are just people.

So to sum up we let human beings in...

So to spare any potential cross contamination between yourself and what we would class as a human being in our premises.

You're Banned.

On closer inspection of Smith's Facebook page, there seems to be a bit of a running theme in her posts. Take this one for example:

I am not racist, do however, support looking after our own. Le Penne has it right and I wish we had a politician like it in this country!

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