Woman rips up cheating ex's birth certificate: 'Shut up, you don't exist anymore'

Woman claims that she knew her fiancé was cheating just from his ...

A woman ripped up her cheating ex's birth certificate as revenge for finding out about his infidelity.

The TikTok user took to the social media platform to share a clever method for getting back at an ex, although it's left some people divided.

TikTok user Sheppy (@skye.shep) said that one of her friends was left fuming after she discovered her partner had been unfaithful. In response, she went to his house and found some of his 'most prized possessions.

As she was going through his drawers, she just so happened to stumble across the man's birth certificate, leading her to take her frustration out on the previous government document.

When the pair was arguing, later on, the woman then proceeded to tear up her boyfriend's birth certificate and shouted: "Shut up, you don't even exist".


no she’s not a scorpio and for legal reasons this is a joke #womeninstem #girlboss

In the comments, the user further clarified her friend's actions: "Okay so, he cheated on her, she went and found some of his prized possessions and in going through the drawers she found his birth certificate, confronted him, argued, and bam."

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”I’m not saying her actions were right but I am saying that her actions are hilarious," wrote one person.

Another user wrote: “Iconic energy.”

“I am sitting on the floor and laughing hysterically. Thank you for this," said another.

When someone commented that her actions seemed a little "far," the poster replied, "far? he cheated on her with her cousin. a paper is replaceable. her trust issues, her healing process? not as easy."

Even Grammy-winning artist Finneas chimed in to share his thoughts, writing a simple: "genius."

Of notable comments was also Chelsea Handler who said: "Do whatever needs to be done."

This isn't the first time that someone has taken to TikTok to share their crazy stories about an incident with an ex. In the past, a woman convinced her cheating ex’s girlfriend that he was dead. In another story, a woman found out her boyfriend was cheating after he sent a screenshot showing a Tinder notification.

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