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A sick bag on an aeroplane isn't exactly the most romantic piece of parchment that a declaration of love has ever been written on, but sometimes you've just gotta use what's available to you.

This is exactly what appears to have happened to one lovesick (no pun intended) woman on board a flight from Miami to Washington DC, where she scribbled down her feelings for her best friend and how she was going to tell him how she feels.

The note, which was apparently written at some point in 2018, was discovered by a Reddit user who was cleaning a plane and took a snap of the discovery, but only shared it on the website a few days ago.

Have a read of the note, which has since gone viral, below:

If you can't quite read that, this is what the note says:

If you’re reading this, hello :). My name is Andrea and I am incredibly bored. Right now this flight is going from Miami to DC. I’m 21.

So I bought the ticket last night at 4 am because I have a huge crush on my best friend. He’s flying from Boston to New Orleans and has a layover in DC.

I actually live in DC and was gonna go up soon anyway so I thought why not, I’ll surprise him at the airport during his layover. I’m gonna tell him I have a crush on him.

Bold move right? But see I’m going to Australia for a semester abroad in 4 days and I won’t see him for 5 months so it’s really the last chance I have.

I don’t really know what I’m gonna say but I’m just gonna wing it. Why not I mean I’m leaving so who cares. I dunno man wish me luck whoever you are.

Yeah yeah I’m lame for writing this on a barf bag but I’m bored, my wifi doesn’t work, and I’m nervous as fuck so this is me venting.

The enormous Starbucks pumped with caffeine probably isn’t helping either. Anyway hope this has made your flight a little less boring.

Do me a favour and do something crazy today like I am. Good luck whoever you are.


The post, which has received more than 49,000 upvotes in just five days, has prompted a lot of reaction but the biggest questions are: 'Who is Andrea?' and 'What happened?'

Users have been sharing it to numerous subreddits hoping to find Andrea or at least alert someone who might know her.

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Some Redditors have been going to epic lengths to try and find her.

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Turns out love sick people writing down their feelings on a plane isn't entirely uncommon.

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As it stands, it doesn't look like anyone on Reddit has successfully found Andrea, but we'll be sure to report on it if she is found.

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