Woman claims her sex toy nearly killed her and burnt down her apartment
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A woman has revealed how her vibrator almost burnt down her apartment.

Posting to the Confessions subreddit, she explained that she had used a vibrator a few weeks ago, and forgot to unplug it. It remained forgotten in her bed until it almost caused a fire.

She wrote: “I woke up with the thing going beside me because I got super drunk last night and rolled on top of it which flicked it on.

“It’s completely melted and my whole apartment smells like burnt plastic.

“I honestly think it was minutes away from setting my whole apartment on fire, which is both embarrassing and terrifying.”

She added: “Moral of the story always unplug your vibrator smh.”

A commenter urged her to contact the customer care team of the brand she got it from, adding: “That’s very dangerous and not up to hazard standards. These things should go through testing to ensure safety of use, and that doesnt sound like it passes. Might even be able to get a refund, since you say it was expensive!” [sic]

Another user said a similar thing happened to them: “I learned my lesson when my wand, plugged in for days, suddenly leapt in to the air, shooting flames. Thank goodness I was home and in the same room.”

Similar incidents have been reported in the past, with one Norwich woman telling The Mirror of how she was burned by an exploding vibrator.

Another outlandish incident in recent years was when The Daily Mail reported on how firefighters in Austria tackled a flaming vibrator found at the side of the road.

Although it’s an urban legend that the toys can catch fire from overuse, Adults Toy Guide recommends properly caring for your toys and only buying from legitimate buyers.

In a blog post, they say: “You can relax and feel confident that your properly cared-for vibrator will not set on fire! Many modern toys are fitted with failsafe systems to switch off if the motors overheat.

“The best way to be fully confident is to only buy your sex toys from a reputable buyer. Make sure that you check user reviews in advance of any purchase and do your research on the organisation.”

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