Woman surprises her husband with sexy lingerie but didn't realise his grandma was there

Woman surprises her husband with sexy lingerie but didn't realise his grandma was there
Man recreates hilarious TikTok sounds with his unsuspecting grandma

A woman who wanted to give her husband a surprise by dressing up in sexy lingerie, ended up being surprised herself in an embarrassing encounter with her partner's grandma.

American TikToker, Mackenzie Lynn Smith (@kenzielynnsmith) decided to spice things up by welcoming her husband home in lingerie and she detailed her plans in a video.

"Going out to the car in this to get my husband's reaction," the on-screen text read as she held up black lingerie to the camera.

"I’m going to get changed. He’s going to be here in a couple of minutes. Let’s hope he likes it," she said.

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After she got changed, Smith then filmed from her door looking out onto her neighbourhood where two cars were parked in front of her house.

"Okay he just pulled up but, I have to make sure my neighbours aren't out - oh my god I'm scared," she said before "making a run for it" to the car.

However, it turns out her neighbour was the least of her worries which she soon learned once she got in her husband's car.

Smith was met with her husband covering his hand over his face in disbelief before he glanced over at her and awkward greeted "sup" to her.


I am so embarassed .. 😔 #fyp

A confused Smith asked what was wrong but this was quickly answered when another voice coming from the backseat said hello to her.

"Well, hi sweetie," her husband's grandma said.

A flabbergasted Smith replied: "Gram- oh Grams!" to which the grandma then commented on her lingerie get-up.

"Don't you look cute," she said.

Smith's husband then chimed in to explain that his grandma was here to "check out the new car."

"Okay... um...," the TikToker said, unsure of what to say after being left red-faced from the encounter as she wrote in the post caption: "I am so embarrassed."

Since posting the mortifying moment, Smith's view has received a whopping 17.8m views, 2.8m likes, along with over 12,000 comments from people who couldn't quite believe what they witnessed.

So much so, that some believe the entire thing was staged.

One person said: "This is one of the better-staged videos I’ve seen."

"How do people genuinely believe this is real?" another person wrote.

Someone else added: "This is definitely real. *eyeroll*"

"[I would] believe it more of she wasn't sitting in the backseat of the car...," a fourth person commented.

While others were more convinced and thoroughly entertained as they loved the grandma's reaction to Smith's lingerie.

One person wrote: "I wanna say it’s staged but he’s in literal tears."

"But grandma 100% approved of the outfit," another person added.

Someone else said: "And she was worried about the neighbors."

"Gram said "don't you look cute" she knows what's up," a fourth person replied.

We can only imagine what family dinner must be like after this...

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